Almost time to start soldering

Here’s the layout plan (for everything except from the OT secondary to the outputs, which are trivial to do):

Beamer Layout

It’s easier to read when printed, but the different sections of wiring are on different layers, so on-screen I can choose layer colors that emphasize the section I’m working on. I’ll post the LibreCAD file when I have time to work around WordPress (it won’t upload .DXF files).

2 thoughts on “Almost time to start soldering”

  1. Mark:

    Great to see this! Assuming you have access (depends on your web host and setup) you could try adding this line to your .htaccess file:

    AddType application/dxf .dxf

    This assumes the restriction you’re hitting is in Apache and not the WordPress media library front end. It usually “just works” if it’s going to, and if it doesn’t there’s no harm done since you’re the only one adding files.

    I had to do this for many audio and video formats when I was using MediaWiki back before HTML5 support showed up in WordPress. My adds were made in the “webroot” directory but there is usually another .htaccess file in the WordPress directory which *may* work.

    1. Dave,

      My site was originally 100% DIY HTML (see “Harmonic Appliances Classic” & this blog post), but I swore off coding of all kinds when I retired so I’m happy to take WordPress as it is. I’ll just upload it via FTP next time I update the Beamer page (which should be soon!).

      I’m holding off on actual wiring until I’ve fully proved the IN-13 circuit. Pro tip: don’t mount youir transistors backwards!

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