Who, me?

Have I neglected my site?
I have.

Is anyone paying attention?
Who knows?

In case anyone actually does read this, I offer a brief report on 2018:

I got to celebrate my mom’s 90th birthday with all my sibs.

Not so great on the lung cancer front: This year brought metastases to both lungs and slow tumor growth that has me aiming to start chemo as late as possible, but before the cancer causes me any signifiant breathing problems (or ???). I’m hoping to make it through 2019 before firing the chemo starting gun, but anything unexpected could change that in a flash.

Musically, I’ve got a tune idea or two percolating, as well as stuff from two of my brothers that’s ripe for development.

3 thoughts on “Who, me?”

  1. Hello Mark,

    I was cruising through old email and found some discussions between us concerning amp building. Remember me?

    I left Credence last August (2018) after 21+ years. My wife and I sold our San Jose home and left California for the more favorable social and financial climes of north Idaho. We landed in the small town of Orofino in a freshly renovated house that sits on 3+ acres about 6 miles “up the mountain” from town. We’ve been here just over 3 months.

    My “after hours” music electronics effort is scheduled to become my new day-job as soon as a recently installed shed is readied for occupancy.

    Very sorry to read about the cancer troubles. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011, was treated and now am over the 5 year “clear” threshold.

    I do wish you success in beating the cancer. Here’s to a favorable 2019.


    Dave James

    1. Dave,

      Thanks for the good wishes, and congrats on beating (if you can ever say that) prostate cancer.

      The memory is a bit hazy, but I do recall you as one of the folks who gave good feedback on my offbeat deisgns. Now I have to go look through all those threads I saved…

      I couldn’t stand to be so far from the ocean, but I do see the attraction of
      << a freshly renovated house that sits on 3+ acres about 6 miles “up the mountain” from town. >>
      Do you have encounters with any interesting critters out there? (The SF Bay is kind of boring that way)

      I’ll admit to being an optimist, but my latest cancer news is ‘no progression in the last 3 months.’ So maybe I’m getting lucky again. My power of denial is excellent, and I really don’t think about it that much.

      I’m really engaged with the ‘Beamer’ design [PLEASE suggest a better name!]. You can forget a lot in 15 years, and re-learning my tube lore is a great way to keep the old brain busy…

      Thanks for writing!


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