Starting this week I’m semi-retired (2 days/week) — I go completely free-range in mid-May.

I’ve already been obsessed for two weeks with finally building a tremolo effect idea I had back in 2003 (tentatively named “The Tremotron”), and this week I’ve been checking out all the old favorite DIY sites (Ampage, AX84) and finally setting up a useful home media server.

The Tremotron will be a hybrid analog/digital project, so I’m also spending time learning the necessary microcontroller development tools.

Also, they had a retirement party for me at Logitech and my co-workers gave me a huge gift certificate to Sweetwater, so I’m looking into a little shopping spree. Top choices right now are a solid keyboard stand (for my Hammond Sk1) and a Tascam DR-100mkIII. I’d buy the Roland Rubix 44, but even though it was announced at NAMM it still hasn’t shipped…

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