Where did those 9 months go?

A month after my last post I had an MRI & xray that revealed a need for major surgery & chemotherapy (bummer!). I’m still recovering from both, and this health episode has made retirement in 2017 a much higher priority. Having a lot of ‘disabled’ time to do more music was definitely also a factor.

During my convalescence I’ve put some time into all of the things I mentioned in the last post, and I’ve recently decided to focus on learning & arranging new tunes, as well as playing acoustic baritone guitar (the target of the arranging). The transposing part of the baritone has come more easily than I expected, but the scale length is still a challenge.

One thought on “Where did those 9 months go?”

  1. Just checking to see how things are going? Health update and how are your projects?
    Hope things are going well.

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