Blog Comment Spam is a Thing?

Amazing — this blog has been in existence for less than 24 hours and I’m averaging about 1 spam comment per hour!

These are all replies to my first post, and all of them are clearly computer-generated, and not responsive to the post content.

I’ve naturally marked them as spam, but other than automated spam filtering I’m mostly curious as to what’s the point. Are these <people> just trying to get links into Google’s search database, or is there some more nefarious intentipon? None, so far, have asked me to click on links.

One thought on “Blog Comment Spam is a Thing?”

  1. OK, make that >100 in 24 hours!

    So commenting will clearly need to be limited to ‘members.’ I’ll eventually add a link/button, but for now if you want to join (so you can comment) you’ll have to ask me via email. Send any such requests to:

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