Verberator Samples

These samples were recorded using my '73 Telecaster with Barden pickups, plugged directly into the Verberator. The idea is to give you a taste of the range of both the reverb and the gain, but I haven't recorded the absolute maximums for either – I just don't play that way very often...

The microphones were a Shure SM58 and an AKG C1000S (one on each channel) placed in several different ways (still looking for the sweet spot!). All recordings are of the internal speaker unless otherwise noted.

      Calhoun Surf [280KB]       surf-like, but reverb is not maxed out!

           EF86 gain = 1/2; 12AY7 gain = 0; All reverb controls = 2/3

      Ain't Misbehavin' [264KB]       a mellow jazzy thing

           EF86 gain = 0; 12AY7 gain = 4/5; reverb dwell = 1/3; reverb tone = 1/4; mix = 1/2

      Dirty Blues [165KB]       more gain, tone stack bypassed, and using the bridge pickup

           EF86 gain = 1/2; 12AY7 gain = max; All reverb controls = 1/3; master vol. = 2/3

And finally, here's the Verberator in a trio setting. This one was recorded with the AKG about a foot from the speaker, and a CAD Equitek II large-diaphragm condenser about 6 feet away for the room sound

      High Tide [3MB]       More surf, only this is an original (Copyright © 2001-2002 Mark Lavelle)

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