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26Oct03 Posted full Floor Board Exposé page.
13July03 Added Floor Board Exposé section to WIP area, and did a little editing and cleaning up. Added/corrected a few items on the Links page.
11May03 Added PowerMan Samples page.
02Mar03 Added Links page, lots of reformatting and turning pictures into links.
23Feb03 All new pictures (and a little new text) for the Verberator page. Also added the Powerman WIP and renamed the Schizoverb (to Murgatroid).
06Feb03 Minor edits on index page & added info on the Schizoverb.
09Oct02 Uploaded Pentotron samples.
07Oct02 Uploaded another Verberator sample and created an alternate, faster-downloading version of the Verberator "Pictures & Comments" page. Also posted corrected Verberator II preamp prototype schematic.
05Oct02 Uploaded samples of the Verberator in action.
27Sep02 I've got my own domain name and a real host, now, so I'll be gradually re-arranging the site and adding sound clips & pictures. If you've got any suggestions or requests, please contact me !


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