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ampage My main hangout for tube amp discussions.
AX84 My other main hangout....
18 Watt Portal This site is dedicated to the Marshall 18 Watt combo and its clones and variations.

Fellow Travellers

Other folks who build and/or mod their own guitar amps...

The Blue Guitar Steve Ahola's eclectic site. Guitar & amp schematics, articles about his mod/build experiences, and even saved threads from Ampage. Be sure to check out his "FTP Site Map".
Adam's Amps Adam Alpern has been doing interesting little amps for a while now. A classy site with personality, good info and great links.
Doug Hammond Doug's Firefly & Baby Bassman have influenced a couple of my projects.
Fred's Projects Fred Nachbauer's site documents some interesting hi-fi & guitar tube projects, as well as some interesting reference info.
Boozhound Laboratories Mainly hi-fi, but with a few interesting guitar amp projects. Listed here because it's just too cool a site to miss…


Tube Data

Frank's Electron Tube Pages Probably the most extensive collection of tube data sheets on the whole web.
Duncan's TDSL Duncan's Tube Data Sheet Locator. If Frank doesn't have it, TDSL just might tell you who does...
Orcad Tube Amp Symbol Library This is Randall Aiken's OrCad library for tube amps, with my own additions (more tube types, common trannys). I don't know about Randall's parts, but the ones I've created don't include simulation parameters (I'm too lazy and/or stupid to do simulations!).

Tube Amps

Schematic Heaven This site has the widest range of free guitar amp schematics on the net (but please feel free to re-educate me!).
The Fender Amp Field Guide Just what it says it is. Includes layout & schematic drawings for dozens of models of Fender amps.
Duncan's Amp Pages Tube amp info and some very handy (and free) tone control & power supply simulation software.
Aiken Amplifcation Randall Aiken's "Tech Info" section is required reading for anyone even thinking about designing their own amps.
Audio Xpress Skip the home page – go directly to these "Audio Classroom" articles on tube amp design. Not guitar-oriented, but essential basic info.
Norman Koren "A resource for designing tube amplifiers with SPICE simulation." Still over my head, but maybe some day...
Steve Bench Lots of good tube-specific articles, including the most in-depth explanation of loadlines that I've found.
Tube CAD Journal Very hi-fi oriented, but has occasional articles on tube circuit basics.

General Electronics

Lessons In Electric Circuits "A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics." A pretty darn good online reference for the basics (not at all tube-oriented).

Parts, Supplies, Books, etc.

I have not done business with all of of these vendors, but all of them carry useful items.
Tube / Amp / Specialty
Antique Electronic Supply These guys used to specialize in antique radios, but they've seen the light and now carry lots of guitar amp parts, too. Not often the cheapest source, but they do have the lowest prices on the web for Accutronics reverb tanks.
Angela Instruments Another well-stocked source for 'vintage' parts. Very competitive prices on many Hammond transformers.
Apex Jr. "… in the surplus electronics business for over 25 years." The name that always comes up when people are looking for teflon-coated wire.
Jenkins Sound Shop Primarily a cabinet builder, but they have good deals on cabinet hardware and the grille cloth I love (i.e., the background pattern for this site). Tell Doug I sent you…
Kropotkin NOS Tubes Nothin' but tubes.
Mojo Musical Supply Just about everything for tube guitar amps – components, hardware, you name it...
Obsolete Electronics Nothin' but transformers.
STF Electronics Good range of parts, as well as some kits.
Triode Electronics Seems a little hi-fi oriented, but a good source for new tubes.
Torres Engineering Guitar and amp parts and kits.
The Tube Store The name gives it away, eh?
Small Bear Electronics LLC Pedals, pedal kits, pedal parts (many of which are applicable to amps, too). Also some good how-to articles.
Weber VST Manufacturer of excellent speakers. Also sells some parts.
Vintage Speaker Another source for speakers.
Big Distributors
Jameco Electronics Not a huge selection, but a good source for 22ga 600V PVC-insulated hookup wire and prototyping components, as well as some tools. When they've got what I want, this is where I go when I want it tomorrow (they're one town over and I can pick up my parts on the way to work).
Digi-Key A very fat catalog of components.
Mouser Electronics Not as huge as Digi-Key, but they have most of the non-tube-specific parts you're likely to need, some useful "kits" (assortments of a range of values of a type of part) and the widest selection of eyelets I've found.
McMaster-Carr Outrageously huge catalog of industrial supplies of all sorts. Great source for sheet metal, garolite, tools and even knobs for pots – always worth a search. Very fast delivery, in my experience…
Newark Another of the big catalogs, but I don't have any experience with them.
Ack Electronics These guys keep popping up as a recommendation from other amp builders, but I haven't bought from them, yet.
Stewart-MacDonald Mainly aimed at guitar building & repair, but some electronic tools, too.
Micro-Mark "The small tool specialists."
BitScope An open-architecture oscilloscope/logic analyzer that attaches to a PC for control and display.

Everything Else

Music & Entertainment

Joe Jackson One of the few songwrites whose work I'll buy without any hesitation. He's not predictable, and that's a good thing...
The Diamondheads my brother's surf band.

Friends & Family

The Diamondheads my brother's surf band.
David Wegmuller A co-worker at Logitech who's heavily into Legos and scale model trains, including live steam.

The Day Gig

Logitech I work on the firmware in Logitech's game controller products.


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