The Decimator

1/10th the power with all the spunk!

These samples were recorded using my '73 Telecaster with Barden pickups. The selector was in the center position (both pickups) and the volume & tone were all the way up.

The microphones were a Shure SM58 and an AKG C1000S (one on each channel) placed within an inch of the grille cloth and slightly off center.

The Decimator is running with a 6AU6 in V1, a 12AX7 in V2 and a 12AU7 in V3, and the tone controls are set at 1/2 (straight up).

Internal 6" Speaker (Radio Shack No. 40-1242E)

      Clean Rhythm Lick       Gain @ less than 1/4, Volume @ more than 3/4

      Dirty Rhythm Lick       Gain @ more than 3/4, Volume @ about 1/4

      Dirty Lead Lick       Gain @ max, Volume @ 1/2

External 12" Speaker (Weber VST C12Q)

      Clean Rhythm Lick       Gain @ about 1/4, Volume @ 1/2

      Dirty Lead Lick       Gain @ about 3/4, Volume @ about 1/4

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