Back in Business

Last week I finally had the energy to debug the Beamer. It turned out there was a cap on the the Treble control that was only conected at one end. Doh!

So now I’m making noise again, and ready for some tuning. The first order of business is to try a little negative feedback from the output transformer. As the master volume goes up the low end gets a litttle too rough for what I want from the Nice channel. I might also need to reduce the output from the preamp as I suspect it gets too hot for the phase splitter at high Preamp volumes.

Next I plan to experiment with R19 on the preamp schematic, which sets the knee frequencies for the Treble and Bass controls.

THEN I’ll start playing with the Nasty channel, with the goal of getting usable tone over the full range of the Drive and Tone controls.

Back to work…

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